Noam Zion has written nine volumes on Talmudic Tales of Marital Discord. Each is a stand-alone, does not require reading any others. $29.95 for a single volume; 25% off if you order more than one from this set. $180 for the complete set.


    Book One: A Rabbinic Life of Temptation, Shame and Suicide
    (This book takes up two volumes.)

    Volume 1: Rav Hiyya and Heruta, the Liberated Woman
    Volume 2: Bruria and Rabbi Meir, the Odd Couple
  • Part 1: Rav Hiyya and Heruta, the Liberated Woman    
    Chapter 1: The Desperate Rabbi and the Eavesdropping Wife
    Chapter 2: Heruta: Backstage and On Stage
      Additions to Chapter 2 — Gardens of Seduction/Liberation
    Chapter 3: Finale: Multiple Endings
      Additions to Chapter 3 — Madonna/Whore Dichotomy
    Chapter 4: Bridging Dichotomies: “Hiyya” and “Heruta”: Quests for Life, Freedom and Reconciliation
    Chapter 5: Coping with Temptation: Talmudic Context
      Additions to Chapter 5 — Sexual Sins and Pastoral Advice
  • Part Two: Bruria and Rabbi Meir, the Odd Couple
    Chapter 6: Tough Love: Bruria’s Rebukes
    Chapter 7: Loving Consolation: Bruria as Woman of Valor
    Chapter 8: Rashi’s Rabbi Meir and Bruria: Teaching Your Wife a Lesson
      Additions to Chapter 8 — Contemporary Views of Bruria
    Chapter 9: Marital Trust and Ubiquitous Suspicion
  • Part Three: Righteous Rabbi and Roman Matron: Liberation, Remorse or Vindication?
    Chapter 10: Rabbi Tzadok and the Matronita: “Hooking Up”?
    Chapter 11: Boundaries and Temptations
    Chapter 12: Tales of Honor Suicide


Book Two: Wine, Women and the War of the Sexes
  • First Round of Drinks: A Radiant Woman has her Day in Court — The Goblet    
    Chapter 1: Homa, A Radiant Woman has her Day in Court — “Allot me my Wine!”
    Chapter 2: Rava, the Judge, Sandwiched Between Two Women: From the Court Room to the Bedroom
      Additional Perspectives to Chapter 2 — Romantic Background, Law, and Court Scandal
  • Second Round of Drinks: Yalta, a Rampaging Woman and Her Cup of Blessing    
    Chapter 3: A Cup of Blessing: Ullah’s Provocation and Yalta’s Rage
    Chapter 4: A Cup of Reconciliation and Yalta’s Last Laugh
    Chapter 5: Yalta’s Anger Management
  • Third Round of Drinks: Seductive Women Redeem Israel    
    Chapter 6: Wine, Mirrors and the Debate over Divine Recognition of the Heroines
      Additional Perspectives to Chapter 6 — Sexual Rebels in Midrash


    Book Three: Prostitutes, Rabbis and Repentance
  • Hey Noam, I need a subtitle here    
    Chapter 1: The Tzizit and the Harlot
    Chapter 2: Moral Lessons from the Fringes
    Chapter 3: “Rabbi” Elazar ben Dordia and the Harlot
      Additional Perspectives to Chapter 3 — Ben Dordia and Don Juan
    Chapter 4: Repentance, Therapy and “Rabbi” Ben Dordia
    Chapter 5: Talmudic Prostitute and Postmodern “Liquid Love”


    Book Four: The Rabbinic Family Disrupted by Love of Torah
  • Part 1: Seductive Torah as the Other Woman: Spirituality and Abandonment    
    Chapter 1: Absentee Husbands: Rav Rahumi Seduced by Torah
    Chapter 2: Absentee Husbands: “Better Late than Never”?
    Chapter 3:Absentee Fathers: Unhappy Homecomings
      Additions to Chapter 3 — Ascetic Rabbis
    Chapter 4: Fantasy Wife: Akiba’s “Rachel”
    Chapter 5: Rachel: Wife as Enabler
     Additions to Chapter 5 — Akiba’s Romance as Talmudic Finale
  • Part 2: Generosity, Shame and Marital Contention: Mr. and Ms. Ukba    
    Chapter 6: Mar Ukba’s Fiery Furnace: Hero of Anonymous Donors
      Additions to Chapter 6 — Anonymity and Generosity
    Chapter 7: Ms Ukba’s Home Oven: Heroine of Hospitality
     Additions to Chapter 7 — Feminism and Hospitality


    Book Five: Talmudic Kama Sutra — Conjugal Duties and Pillow Talk
  • Part 1: Family Values versus Torah Study    
    Chapter 1: Conjugal Duties and the Ketubah
    Chapter 2: Pursuing my Passion: Talmud Torah or Onah (Timely Marital Intimacy)
  • Part 2: The Talmudic Kama Sutra    
    Chapter 3:Rav’s Pillow Talk and Kahana the Eavesdropper
      Additions to Chapter 3 — Rav’s Revolution: Romantic Marriage
    Chapter 4: Imma Shalom’s Homespun Advice: Modesty in the Bedroom
    Chapter 5: Hisda’s Daughters: Rabbinic Sex Education
  • Part 3: Sexuality and Sanctity: Medieval Kabbalah, Medieval Halakha and Contemporary Haredi Halakha    
    Chapter 6: Eros and Kabbalah: The Divinity of Marital Union
    Chapter 7: Battling Medieval Codes: Rav Yosef Karo versus Rav Moshe Isserles
    Chapter 8: Hasidic Conjugal Asceticism
    Chapter 9: Litvak Sexual Intimacy in Marriage
      Additions to Chapter 9 — Orthodox Leniency in the Bedroom
    Conclusions: The Halakhic Campaign against Asceticism in Marital Lovemaking


    Book Six: Marital Friendship and Covenantal Partnership —
    Comparative Models of Love and Marriage: Rabbinic, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Romantic, Existentialist and Postmodern

  • Part 1: Comparative Religious Models of Marriage    
    Chapter 1: Rashi’s Covenantal Friend: Halakha and the Marital Relationship
    Chapter 2: Maimonides’ Contractual Partner: Halakha and the Marital Relationship
    Chapter 3:Marital Trust, Fidelity and Suspicion: The Debate between Maimonides, Meiri and Rashi
    Chapter 4: Five Classical Ends of Marriage
    Chapter 5: Marriage and Divorce: Catholic and Protestant
    Chapter 6: Marriage and Divorce: Sunni Muslim
  • Part 2: Modern Dilemmas in Love and Marriage    
    Chapter 7: Modern Marriage: Character, Romance and Scientific Dating
    Chapter 8: Paradoxes of Love and Marriage
    Chapter 9: Modern Jewish Theologians: Covenantal Love in Marriage
    In Conclusion: Rights or Dialogue, Contract or Covenant?
      Additions to Chapter 9 — Procreative Love in Kass and Soloveitchik
    Supplement: The Jewish “Bill of Marital Rights”


    Book Seven: Rabbinic Marital Counseling and Greco-Roman Friendship
  • White Lies or Truth-Telling? Peace-Keeping or Tough Love?    
    Chapter 1: Way of Peace versus Way of Truth
      Additions to Chapter 1 — Shame and Forbearance
    Chapter 2: Rabbi Meir’s Marital Counseling: “Spit in My Eye”
    Chapter 3:Deconstructing Rabbi Meir’s Heroism
      Additions to Chapter 3 — Charismatic Spiritual Mentors Meddle in Marriages
    Chapter 4: Unhealthy Communication: Tales of Yehudit and Rabbi Hiyya
      Additions to Chapter 4 — Health, Halakha and Marital Strife
    Chapter 5: Courageous Speaking: Rabbinic Criticism and Greek Parrhesia
      Additions to Chapter 5 — Bruria and Euripides
    Chapter 6: Companionate Marriage: From Philosophic Friend to Loving Spouse
    Conclusion: Rabbinic Marital Counseling and Greco-Roman Friendship
      Additions to Chapter 6 — Hellenist Philosophers on Friendship
    Supplement: The Jewish “Bill of Marital Rights”


    Book Eight: Romantic Rabbis: How to Study Talmudic Tales of Love and Lust
  • Invitation to Our Topic: Marital Dramas and Methodology    
    Part A: The History of the Study of Aggada and Rabbinic Biography
    Part B: Feminist Studies and Rabbinic Hegemony
    Part C:The Rabbinic Anti-Hero and Classical Biographies of Cultural Heroes
    Part D:Literary Features and the Art of Rabbinic Narrative
    Biographical Time Line