Siddur Hallel v'Zimrah

A highly accessible shabbat morning siddur, featuring linear translation and transliteration — all on the same line.

From Beth El-The Heights Synagogue in Cleveland, OH
Siddur Hallel v’Zimrah, a siddur for Shabbat morning


172 pages, double wire-o binding — $17.95

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Siddur Hallel v'Zimrah is one synagogue’s answer to the issue of accessibility. BETHS was the result of a merger of two groups to form a Traditional Egalitarian synagogue. But the only siddurim we had were the old Birnbaum — plenty traditional, egalitarian not so much; accessible if you went to heder, for others not really.

So we made our own. Hebrew, translation, and transliteration all appear on the same line. We transliterate everything that we sing, which is a lot: much of Pseukey, much of Shacharit including full Sh’ma and Amidah, full Musaf Amidah, most of Hallel.

Siddur Hallel v’Zimrah also offers alternative paths in two areas: “matriarchs explicit” next to “matriarchs implicit”; and a new formulation of the korbanot in Musaf, next to the traditional version. The morning blessings are also egalitarian.

And most important, Siddur Hallel v’Zimrah is adaptable. If you like it and want to consider using it in your synagogue or minyan, call us at 216-321-6734. We’re happy to have you use the introduction and commentaries by our Rabbi Moshe Adler; but we can also replace them with your own texts. We can also add or delete parts as you wish.

page 24, Rom'mu
page 62, Yishtabach
page 84, Avot/Imahot