Siddur Chaveirim Kol Yisraeil

A new edition after 18 years. A highly accessible Friday evening siddur, now with Minchah added. Featuring linear translation and transliteration — all on the same line. Plus commentary, poems, meditations.

From the Progressive Havurah Siddur Committee of Boston MA
Siddur Chaveirim Kol Yisraeil, a siddur for Friday Evening


164 pages, 6x9, perfect bound
1-2 copies
$6.95 10 or more
$5.95 60 or more

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$17.95 Large Print

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This popular siddur for Friday evenings contains the complete text for Shabbat and Festival evening services, along with notes and alternative readings. The siddur features a gender-neutral faithful translation of the Hebrew as well as line-by-line transliteration in a user-friendly three-column format. The new edition has been revised and reformatted and includes for the first time the full weekday Minchah service. Its popular price should make it easily accessible to havurot and independent minyanim. The siddur in its new configuration is complemented by its companion publication, the bentsher L'chu N'ran'nah (Let Us Sing!).

Communities currently using the previous hardcover edition will be pleased that pagination for the Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma-ariv services in the 3rd edition is consistent with the prayer books they already own.

page 41, Aleinu
page 16, V'ahavta
page 25, Avot/Imahot
Kabbalat Shabbat