A Woman's Voice

Nevarech, pages 36-39 see also 16-17, 18-19, 26-27, 28-29, 52-53


From Grace After Meals, pages 36-39

Jews Converge Boldly Upon the Homeland: Page 36 (right-most), illegal immigrants disembarking from a Haganah vessel near Netanya coast, 1939 (Government Press Office); 37, illegal immigrants crossing sand dunes from their coastal landing, 1939 (GPO); 38, Holocaust survivors newly arrived at Haifa Port, 1945, showing the numbers on their arms (which may not be discernible on line); 39, top, immigrants from Yemen, at Hashed collection point on the eve of "Magic Carpet" mass airlift to the newborn State of Israel, December 1949 (GPO); 39, center, immigrants from Ethiopia, mother and baby at absorption center, Jerusalem, following 1991 mass airlift, Operation Solomon (GPO); 39, bottom, immigrants from Soviet Union, entering Ben Gurion Airport, 1990 (GPO).



The Merciful Being will forever reign over us. The Merciful Being will be exalted in Heaven and on Earth. The Merciful Being will be acclaimed by all generations to come, and enamored of us forever and in perpetuity, and glorified by us forever and until eternity. The Merciful Being should sustain us with dignity. The Merciful Being should break the yoke of oppression from our necks

and He should convey us boldly upright to our homeland.

The Merciful Being should send us a multi-dimensional blessing, to this house, and to this table at which we ate. The Merciful Being should send us the fondly remembered prophet Elijah; and He should tell us cheerful news of salvation and consolation.


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