A Woman's Voice

Nevarech, pages 28-29 see also 16-17, 18-19, 26-27, 36-39, 52-53


From Grace After Meals, added on Sabbath, pages 28-29

Picture: At the Jerusalem Promenade (Tayelet), overlooking Abu Tor and Silwan neighborhoods,
and the Temple Mount.



Let it be your wish to grant us retreat, L-rd our G-d, through your commandments -- through the commandment of the seventh day, this great and sacred Sabbath. For it is as an occasion

for taking pause and resting with love, as Your will commands

that this day is great and sacred to You. And if it is Your will, L-rd our G-d, relieve us, on the day of our rest, from trouble, grief and dejection; and show us, L-rd our G-d, with consolation for Zion Your citadel, and by rebuilding Jerusalem Your sacred capital, that You are the Bearer of salvation and consolation.



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