A Woman's Voice

About the Nevarech Bencher
The guiding formula in the creation of Nevarech has been to highlight some centrally significant expression within each section of the fully traditional text, and to depict the meaning of that expression with a contemporary or historical photograph.

The educational value of the resulting format, as well as its ability to assist in kavana -- conscious devotion to the meaning of the prayer -- have already met wide approval, in Israel , in the U.S., and elsewhere.

A small selection of the 64 pages in Nevarech can be viewed in this site, individually in large format. Or view them as small "thumbnails," below, or in the more compact "Thumb to pages." Click to each large format from the thumbnail.

All mentions of G-d in this site have been altered from the printed version, in order to prevent desecration.

pages 16-17Nodeh lecha

pages 18-19Al HaNissim

pages 26-27Rachem na

pages 28-29R'tze

pages 36-39Harachaman

pages 52-53Kiddush (Friday evening)