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for the first time in English:

Sarah Menkin Foner (1854-1936), was the first woman to publish in Hebrew. This volume contains six excerpts from her work — romantic, historical, polemical — that deal with many issues familiar to us a hundred years later. The Jerusalem Post calls it "a worthwhile, inspirational read . . . one of the only female first-hand accounts of the feminine sphere in the Pale of Settlement . . . elucidate[s] the state of mind of at least one Haskala-era woman yearning for independence." It appears here for the first time in English.

Sarah Foner,
Hebrew Author
of the Haskalah

translated by
Morris Rosenthal

5.5x8.5, 302 pages.


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. . .When my father came home for lunch, I opened up the Siddur and read before him the prayer "Ma Tov-ooh" fluently and well. He was astonished and hugged and kissed me, and he wanted to go out and tell our neighbors about this wonder. Just then, the door opened and my uncle came in, so my father called me and instructed me to read from the Siddur.
    "She learned this in a half-day, from morning till now," my father said.
    "I'm sorry that she's a girl," my uncle answered, "If she was a boy, she probably would have been a Gaon in Israel."
     "A girl can't become a Gaon?" I asked innocently.
     My uncle and father burst out laughing, and I was ashamed and humiliated. I hid in the corner and didn't want to sit down at the table to eat.

(From "A Girl Can't Become a Gaon," New York, 1919)