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Moss deep blue ketubah

Love Letters

A Celebration of Jewish Love and Marriage in Words and Images

by David Moss
9.5x13.25, 244 pages

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BEGINNING IN THE LATE 1960s, David Moss began to revive the handwritten, illuminated ketubah (pl. ketubot), the traditional Jewish marriage contract. The illuminated ketubah, a centuries-old artistic tradition, had virtually disappeared due to the development of quick and affordable printing. Love Letters presents a vast collection of the stunningly imaginative illuminated ketubot of David Moss, creator of the acclaimed Moss Haggadah. His ketubot are “illuminated” in the medieval meaning of the term — artistically rendered to enlighten intellectually and spiritually, to clarify, and to celebrate.

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“David Moss’s work over his thirty-five year career has made a major contribution to the revival of the tradition of the ketubah — celebrating love and marriage through this unique medium in Jewish art. This book captures Moss’s achievement — allowing each couple’s unique story to flower within the framework of an age-old ritual practice — and always at a highest possible standard of calligraphy, illustration, and production, which is his hallmark. Moss’s work is a truly admirable marriage of tradition and technique.“

— James S. Snyder, director, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


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