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A Woman's Voice

The Jewish world — from Reform and Reconstructionist to Orthodox — is raving about
Professor Barry W. Holtz
Associate Professor of Jewish Education,
Jewish Theological Seminary of America; Editor, Back to the Sources

"A Different Night is to my mind the best and most interesting Haggadah to appear in many years. In imaginative ways, the book includes family members of all ages in serious and engaging discussions that explore the ever expanding meanings of the Passover Haggadah. The book is truly a delight."

Rabbi Rachel Cowan (Reform)
Director, Jewish Life Program, Nathan Cummings Foundation
"This rich Haggadah enables Jews to connect with their tradition in deeply personal ways. As I prepared for Pesach last year, this Haggadah taught me that our most important heritage is to question. It opened our Seder to deep and exciting discussions."

Rabbi Harold Kushner (Conservative)
Author, When Bad Things Happen to Good People
"This Haggadah offers a rich feast of story and insight for anyone's Seder table. It can be used year after year and remain fresh"

Rabbi Daniel Landes (Orthodox)
Director, Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem

"This wonderful Haggadah is invaluable for both the "seen-and-heard-it-all" seder leaders and also for the novices who wish to enter and bring others into a profound Passover experience."

Rabbi Jack Riemer (Conservative)
author, Jewish Reflections on Death

"The people who put [A Different Night] together are not only good pedagogues, they are master designers. And so they have worked out a number of formats and prompters on each page that make it clear and easy to use."

Rabbi Haskell Lookstein (Orthodox)
Principal, The RAMAZ School, New York City
Each Pesach we seek to make the Seder different and stimulating, being faithful to pedagogy and halacha at the same time. Here is a fascinating Haggadah for all Pesachs, demonstrating how to be both halachic and creative, while learning and having fun."

Rabbi Dr. Joshua Elkin (Conservative)
Principal, Solomon Schechter Day School, Newton, MA
"Don't start to plan your next Seder without A Different Night. By using this remarkable Haggadah, your Seder will be transformed into a truly educational experience. This is Jewish Family Education at its best."

Rabbi Michael Strassfeld (Reconstructionist)
Co-Editor of The Jewish Catalogs

Oriented to family education, this Haggadah suggests creative and yet accessible ways for everyone to participate in the seder — child, adolescent, adult, and grandparent."