A Day Apart: Shabbat at Home

A Day Apart:
Shabbat at Home

A step-by-step guidebook with Blessings and Songs, Rituals and Reflections

by Noam Zion and Shawn Fields-Meyer
9.5x8.75, 168 pages, full color

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Noam Zion and Shawn Fields-Meyer do for Shabbat what Noam did for Passover in A Different Night — treat each component, from preparation to havdalah, in loving detail.

Each section starts with basics: instructions, brachot, everything translated, transliterated, and explained. But then there is more: a section for beginners, a section for parents, a section of reflections (kavanot), a section of guidelines from the tradition, ideas that will add to anyone’s oneg.

And all the way through . . . lots of art and stories from every corner of the Jewish world.

This book is widely used in rabbi's classes and conversion courses. It belongs in your library, or that of someone you love.

Each book ships with a “Shabbat Host Guide” by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg.

A small sampling of the art (click to enlarge):

Indiana Girl

IKichka Shabbat     Kugel Delight

Priest Blesses Samuel     Cholent Pot

Worl War 1 Soldiers     Shabbat Shluf     Kids Bless Candles

Havdalah Set from Sweden