Vashti-Esther flag

Vashti-Esther Flag

10x13, with wooden stick and small bells attached — from Ma’yan, the feminist project of The JCC in Manhattan

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On Purim, celebrate two heroines
with flags and gentle bells.
This beautiful and colorful new flag honors the voices and brave deeds of Esther and Vashti, the courageous women in the Purim story. Waved in synagogue when Esther's and Vashti's names are read in the Megillah (Book of Esther), the flag's joyous sound rings out as a counterpoint to the jeering groggers (noisemakers) that are heard when the evil Haman's name is mentioned.

NOTE: These are small, tinkly bells — they will NOT drown out the text, unlike the greggors that are used to drown out he-who-must-not-be-named!

Megillat Esther

Megillat Esther

by J. T. Waldman

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A wild and wooly, highly detailed, graphic (cartoon) version of the Megillah.  Esther, by the way, “looks Jewish” which is a very nice touch.

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"Waldman's Megillat Esther is a visual masterpiece ... The richly detailed pages are dazzling ... this is just the sort of independent, intelligent, nonapologetic work that JPS and entities like it should be promoting."
— The Forward

"Through text and art, Waldman feeds readers only the raw words, emotions, and actions of each of the characters, illustrated by Expressionist-inspired drawing."
— The Jerusalem Report

"JT Waldman is a very talented young man who has provided an original translation, artwork, and calligraphy for Megillat Esther. In essence, he has written and illustrated an adult comic book version of this classic story. The artwork is stunning, revealing layers of meaning behind the text... This is a work of great creativity and originality... ."
— Jewish Book World

"A bravura display of detail and technique... ."
— Will Eisner

"...Waldman's book represents a new breed of biblical work: more than a simple illuminated manuscript, he provides a visually interpreted translation of Esther with commentary. To my knowledge, nothing like this has ever been created."
— SBL Forum (Society of Biblical Literature)