Ushpizot Poster — Visitors to Your Sukkah — the original!

original Ushpizot poster

Mayan Ushpizot are Back in Print!

by Ellen Alt
32.25x23.75" rectangle, full color, laminated
Original poster ca. 2005, now owned by the original artist, Ellen Alt. Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Hannah, Esther, Huldah, Avigail. Comes with cribsheet.   $24.95 3 or more $19.95

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Ushpizot poster Ushpizin poster

Ushpizot and Ushpizin Posters — Visitors to Your Sukkah

by Dena Bach
22" square, full color, laminated
single copy of either poster $24.95  3 or more $19.95
single copy of the set $39.95  3 or more $31.95

Full color reproductions of original papercuts that celebrate seven biblical guests, that visit the sukkah each night of the holiday. Created by Dena Bach, a Judaic artist and illustrator

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Poster, Aleph Bet for the Jewish Home

Aleph Bet for the Jewish Home

by Baruch Sienna
16" x 20", full color, laminated
single copy $24.95  3 or more $19.95

A beautiful Aleph Bet, accompanied by an acrostic of midot, Jewish virtues, based on the Hebrew Aleph Bet. Designed by Baruch Sienna, a Toronto graphic artist known for Jewish liturgical work.

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Poster, Radically Jewish

36 Reasons to be Radically Jewish

by Lawrence Bush
19" square, full color, laminated
single copy $11.95  3 or more $8.95

From history, to legend, to culture, to resistance, to wisdom, to holidays, this poster highlights the Judaism that has inspired generations of radicals and activists. Larry Bush is the editor of Jewish Currents magazine.

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18x24, full color, laminated
single copy $14.95

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OUT OF PRINT — presently JOFA has no plans to reprint.

For too long, Sukkah walls have been devoid of Jewish Heroines. The seven Ushpizin (all men) have been very common themes of sukkah decorations, and the custom of hanging pictures of prominant Rabbis is also popular in certain circles. While there is an Ushpizot poster available for sale, and other similar works of art created over the years, we are aware of no other “women Rebbes” poster available for purchase.

A group of young women artists met to discuss potential muses for the project, and were each paired up with a scholar to learn more about, connect with and ultimately depict. The finished works are stunning, and we are proud to be able to bring all six works together on a single unifying poster. The poster is made tough to withstand many years of rainy weather in your sukkah, while also highlighting the stunning imagery of the portraits.

A project of JOFA — Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance
Artists: Michelle Bentsman, Coretta Garlow, Devorah Leah Levine, Elke Reva Sudin, Abigail Teller, Sarah Zell Young   Graphic Design: Rachel Fried


Yellow Pages

“Yellow Pages”

18x23.5, full color, laminated
single copy $11.95  2 or more $8.95
bulk rates available — call 216-321-6734

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MASORTI AGITPROP! — If you've been in Israel recently, you've probably seen this poster (in Hebrew) on buses, bus shelters, and walls. Kinda hits you over the head: scholars of Jewish law should be connected with the real world.

The Masorti Movement has now made it available in English. It's a great conversation-starter in a classroom, in a sukkah, or anywhere else. 50% of profits will go to support the Masorti Movement in Israel.


Jerusalem Poster

Next Year in Jerusalem

18x22, full color, laminated $8.95
bulk rates available — call 216-321-6734

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Jerusalem through the eyes of Brooklyn artist Rich Codor. Think fun! Think zany! Think Mad Magazine: look in any corner and you'll discover something new! Maybe . . . kind of like the real Jerusalem. A picture of a place that you'd like to find yourself in next year.

Rich Codor is the author of Richard Codor's Joyous Haggadah, and the first cartoonist to envision the Marx Brothers as the four children of the Passover seder.





Aleph-Bet Poster

Aleph-Bet Rebus

18x24, full color, laminated
single copy $11.95  2 or more $8.95    

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The funkiest Aleph-Bet poster you've ever seen! Each letter is formed by a picture; the clue is the initial sound of the English word, matched to the Hebrew letter's sound. Gimel is Girl, Tet is Telephone, SHin is SHip, Kof is Cough, and TZadi -- well, that's a hard one, which was solved with piZZa.

The poster was done by Susanna Spektor Yaari of San Diego, and is a delightful idea for a child's bedroom poster, or a Hebrew School classroom wall decoration.






Judaism Is In Your Hands

Judaism Is In Your Hands

11x17, black and sepia, laminated
single copy $8.95  2 or more $5.95    

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This extraordinary poster, in black and sepia, is designed by Larry Bush. Hand gestures are used to represent the following concepts: Tfilah/prayer, Menorah, Shalom Bayit/household harmony, Kashrut, Shalom/peace, Klal Yisrael/Jewish unity, Hachnasat Orchim/hospitality, Tzedakah/economic justice, and Limud/study.

The quotation that runs up and down the poster (“Surely, this Instruction which I enjoin upon you this day is not too baffling for you, nor is it beyone reach . . .”) is from Deuteronomy 30:11-14.