A Woman's Voice

Jerusalem Poster
18x22, full color, laminated
Order code: POjerusalem

Jerusalem through the eyes of Brooklyn artist Rich Codor. Think fun! Think zany! Think Mad Magazine: look in any corner and you'll discover something new! Maybe . . . kind of like the real Jerusalem. A picture of a place that you'd like to find yourself in next year.

Rich Codor is the author of Richard Codor's Joyous Haggadah, and the first cartoonist to envision the Marx Brothers as the four children of the Passover seder.


Poster: Aleph Bet Puzzle
18x24, full color, laminated
$8.95 each for 2 or more order
Order code: POaleph

The funkiest Aleph-Bet poster you've ever seen! Each letter is formed by a picture; the clue is the initial sound of the English word, matched to the Hebrew letter's sound. Gimel is Girl, Tet is Telephone, SHin is SHip, Kof is Cough, and TZadi -- well, that's a hard one, which was solved with piZZa.

The poster was done by Susanna Spektor Yaari of San Diego, and is a delightful idea for a child's bedroom poster, or a Hebrew School classroom wall decoration.


Shalom Quilt Poster

Shalom Quilt Poster
17x22, full color, not laminated

Order code: POSshalom

A full-color replica of the Shalom Quilt made by renowned quilter Amy Smith.. Images are from T-shirts o the past four decades.

The quilt celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Shalom Center, Rabbi Arthur Waskow's groundbreaking and courageous Jewish peace organization. (They also sell this poster at the same price.)


27x32, full color, laminated
$10.00 order
Order code: POushpizot

The ideal poster for Sukkot, celebrating seven women visitors to your sukkah, to go along with the traditional seven men. Comes with a gloss on each of seven visitors: Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Hannah, Avigail, Huldah, and Esther.

From Ma'yan, the Jewish Women's Project of The JCC in Manhattan


Judaism is in Your Hands

Poster: Judaism Is In Your Hands

11x17, black, sepia and varnish, laminated
$5.95 each for 2 or more
Order code: POhands

This extraordinary poster, in black and sepia, is designed by Larry Bush. Hand gestures are used to represent the following concepts: Tfilah/prayer, Menorah, Shalom Bayit/household harmony, Kashrut, Shalom/peace, Klal Yisrael/Jewish unity, Hachnasat Orchim/hospitality, Tzedakah/economic justice, and Limud/study. The quotation that runs up and down the poster is from Deuteronomy 30:11-14.

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