Max the Demon vs. Entropy of Doom

Max the Demon vs.
Entropy of Doom

8.5x11, 135 pages, full color graphic novel
single copy $24.95

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A graphic novel that explains the physics of heat, energy, entropy, and the connection between entropy and information. Max, a character based on the mythical Maxwell's Demon, is sent on a mission to help save earth from environmental disaster. First, Max must learn about energy, heat, and entropy from the historical giants of science. Along the way there is villainy and near catastrophe. This fun-to-read adventure story explains the first and second laws of thermodynamics in a way that is accessible to everyone.

If you're wondering what this book is doing on this website . . . well, it's not a “Jewish book.” But the author, Assa Auerbach, is an Israeli Jew, physics professor at the Technion. And the illustrator, Rich Codor, is the author/illustrator of Richard Codor's Joyous Haggadah. So it's not so crazy as you might think. And besides, it's an excellent book, a really good way to introduce physics and climate science to people who want to learn.


Ushpizot poster Ushpizin poster

Ushpizot and Ushpizin Posters — Visitors to Your Sukkah

by Dena Bach
22" square, full color, laminated
single copy of either poster $24.95  3 or more $19.95
single copy of the set $39.95  3 or more $31.95

Full color reproductions of original papercuts that celebrate seven biblical guests, that visit the sukkah each night of the holiday. Created by Dena Bach, a Judaic artist and illustrator

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18x24, full color, laminated
single copy $24.95

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For too long, Sukkah walls have been devoid of Jewish Heroines. The seven Ushpizin (all men) have been very common themes of sukkah decorations, and the custom of hanging pictures of prominant Rabbis is also popular in certain circles. While there is an Ushpizot poster available for sale, and other similar works of art created over the years, we are aware of no other “women Rebbes” poster available for purchase.

A group of young women artists met to discuss potential muses for the project, and were each paired up with a scholar to learn more about, connect with and ultimately depict. The finished works are stunning, and we are proud to be able to bring all six works together on a single unifying poster. The poster is made tough to withstand many years of rainy weather in your sukkah, while also highlighting the stunning imagery of the portraits.

A project of JOFA — Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance
Artists: Michelle Bentsman, Coretta Garlow, Devorah Leah Levine, Elke Reva Sudin, Abigail Teller, Sarah Zell Young   Graphic Design: Rachel Fried


Jewish Zdiac Placemat

Jewish Zodiac Placemat

by Seth Front
11x17 laminated


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Common saying: “What am I, chopped liver?” Well, Jewish astrological experts now say there’s a 1-in-12 chance that you are!

This year’s favorite novelty: the Jewish Zodiac Placemat is a knockoff of the placemat you see in most Chinese restaurants — you know, the Year of the Ox, Year of the Dragon, Year of the Republican, etc. Find what kind of animal you are, and who you’re compatible with, marry them, and live happily ever after.

Well, we Jews don’t so much do animals as we do food. So here we have the Year of the Latke, the Year of the Bagel, the Blintz, even Pastrami, Pickle, and Chicken Soup. So you might not be chopped liver. But you’d best still watch out for compatibility issues. If you are a Pastrami, maybe you shouldn’t get too romantic with a blintz.


Babushkin's Catalog of Jewish Inventions

Babushkin's Catalogue of Jewish Inventions

by Lawrence Bush and Richard Codor
5.5x8.5 soft cover

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Genetically-bred gefilte fish! Wi-fi tzitzit! Extra-large grandparents! Cheap psychoanalysis! No matter if you’re observant, non-observant, or downright obtuse, we’ve got everything you’ve ever wanted for the modern Jewish lifestyle in Babushkin’s Catalogue of Jewish Inventions.


Yellow Pages

“Yellow Pages” Poster

18x23.5, full color, laminated
single copy $11.95  2 or more $8.95
bulk rates available — call 216-321-6734

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MASORTI AGITPROP! — If you've been in Israel recently, you've probably seen this poster (in Hebrew) on buses, bus shelters, and walls. Kinda hits you over the head: scholars of Jewish law should be connected with the real world.

The Masorti Movement has now made it available in English. It's a great conversation-starter in a classroom, in a sukkah, or anywhere else. 50% of profits will go to support the Masorti Movement in Israel.


JPS Illustrated Children's Bible

JPS Illustrated Children's Bible

by Ellen Frankel
illustrated by Avi Katz
8x10, full color, hardback

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Bible stories beautifully retold by Ellen Frankel, and richly illustrated by Avi Katz. 2009 National Jewish Book Award winner.

“An enchanting, beautiful book . . . The JPS Illustrated Children’s Bible is . . . sure to draw in young people while providing them with an accurate and dynamic understanding of the Bible. And Avi Katz’s illustrations just entice and pull in the reader again and again.”
— Rabbi Joseph Telushkin


Una Noche de Libertad

Spanish Haggadah:
Una Noche de Libertad

New Spanish version of
A Night to Remember

9.5x8.75, 144p softcover, full color
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Contributors include: Eliahu Toker, Jaime Barylko, Marshall Meyer, Moacyr Scliar, Silvina Chemen, Jorge Luis Borges, Marcos Aguinis.
read more (en español)

300 Ways to Ask the Four Questions

New Edition:
300 Ways
to Ask the Four Questions

11x8.5, 400p softcover, full color
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3 or more $34.95

Updated version: even more of the “made-up” languages that were favorites in the first edition.

The Four Questions — in 300 languages, Jewish, not Jewish, ancient, modern, made up, whimsical — all with a CD and DVD so you can see/hear them spoken by a native.

nexpected anguages include: Old English, Akkadian (first written language), Xhosa (African click language), Tibetan, Latin . . . and also: Valley Girl, Shakespearean, Lawyerese, Klingon, Na’vi (from Avatar), Morse Code, Pig Latin . . . .read more

SEasoned With Song

Seasoned With Song

original songs written and performed by Julie Auerbach

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For preschoolers.

When my daughter Ruth was about 3 or 4, there was no greater celebrity in her life than Julie Auerbach, who wrote and sang these Jewish songs in concerts, schools, and parties. What a thrill to see the great diva in a movie theater!

Years later, “Seasoned With Song” is now available in CD format. These are [mostly] English-language songs for the entire holiday cycle — from Rosh HaShanah through Shavuot — as well as a few more general songs that Julie used for concert warmup.

Some are truly outstanding. I especially love her songs for Rosh HaShanah and Purim; and I still use her calendar march to remember the order of the Jewish months — sure beats “30 Days Hath September.”