Richard Codor's Joyous Haggadah

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Richard Codor's
Joyous Haggadah

by Richard Codor and Liora Codor
8.5x11, 48 pages, full color

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A Short and Sweet Haggadah That Does NOT Abbreviate The Fun!

A Children’s Haggadah? YES!
A Family Haggadah? YES!
A Concise Haggadah? YES!

It’s chock full of cartoon drawings on its covers and on every page. There is a Moses cartoon strip, a map that shows how the Israelites got into Egypt and a double page Exodus spread that shows how they got out. The Four Children are instant classics as are the Frogs, Locusts, Vermin and all the other Plagues and there’s also the best Chad Gadya ever. And if that’s not enough, there are so many little drawings hidden in the borders, that we can’t count them all.

The Artists-Authors

Richard Codor makes a living drawing humorously. His work appears in Hadassah Magazine and is featured in the books, All You Want to Know About Sabbath Services (Behrman House), The Big Book of Jewish Humor (Collins), and the Israeli social satire classic, Zoo Eretz Zoo (E.L.S. Editions). His secular cartoons and drawings appear in numerous multiethnic, politically correct and incorrect movies, TV and internet media.

Liora Codor, photographer, mother and keeper of traditions, lives with Richard in Brooklyn, NY.

“What a delightful romp through the Seder via this Joyous Haggadah! The multi-layered narrative and rituals in this haggadah appeal to the eye, the imagination, the funny-bone, and the occasion. Beginning with the prequel of the Joseph story, continuing until the Israelites gain their freedom, and ending with more symbolic rituals and song, the combination of telling the story and conducting the Seder is presented clearly with charming and wacky humor (in both words and visuals). The cartoon-like illustrations not only enhance the story but will also add to a memorable and joy-filled shared family experience!.”   — Penina Schram