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for ages 5-9 . . .

Unfortunately, this will probably be for a long time.

When my son was in kindergarten, the teacher suggested we read him parsha stories at home. I'm not so good at just winging it from the text, so I looked for a book to help. I found lots of books out there -- some with teensy 2-paragraph summaries of an entire parsha, some that made no distinction between torah and midrash. Then I found these. They are superb.

The Jewish
Children's Bible
Hardcover, 5 volumes,
8.5x12, 300+ pages.

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by Sheryl Prenzlau
Illustrated by Zely Smekhov

• Over 300 pages and 250 illustrations help make this the best children's Bible available.
• Presents all the major stories found in the original Hebrew text in simple, easy-to-understand language.
• The second section of each volume contains comprehensive Midrashim that highlight Rabbinical interpretations and behind-the-scenes information about the Biblical stories.

THESE BOOKS HAVE JUST BEEN REPRINTED, and are back instock after being unavailable for two years!

also in this set . . .

THE CHILDREN'S HAGGADAH included in The Jewish Children's Bible: Exodus. Who Knows 15? Fifteen are the sections of the Haggadah! And in clear, easy-to-understand language, this Haggadah takes the child through those 15 sections. Includes the complete illustrated Biblical story of the Exodus and eye-opening commentaries for parents.
THE BOOK OF ESTHER included in The Jewish Children's Bible: Leviticus. Megillat Esther, the story of Purim is beautifully illustrated and dramatically presented in this unique children's edition.
THE BOOK OF RUTH included in The Jewish Children's Bible: Numbers. Ruth's journey to become part of the Jewish people is lovingly portrayed in this masterpiece for young children which is read on Shavout.
THE BOOK OF JONAH included in The Jewish Children Bible: Deuteronomy. The story of Jonah And The Whale is read in the synagogue on Yom Kippur.This beautifully illustrated edition is a wonderful tool to help young children understand what Yom Kippur is all about.


Poster: Aleph Bet Puzzle
18x24, full color
$8.95 each for 2 or more
Order code: POaleph

The funkiest Aleph-Bet poster you've ever seen! Each letter is formed by a picture; the clue is the initial sound of the English word, matched to the Hebrew letter's sound. Gimel is Girl, Tet is Telephone, SHin is SHip, Kof is Cough, and TZadi -- well, that's a hard one, which was solved with piZZa.

The poster was done by Susanna Spektor Yaari of San Diego, and is a delightful idea for a child's bedroom poster, or a Hebrew School classroom wall decoration.

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