JPS Illustrated Children's Bible

JPS Illustrated Children's Bible

by Ellen Frankel
illustrated by Avi Katz
8x10, full color, hardback

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Bible stories beautifully retold by Ellen Frankel, and richly illustrated by Avi Katz. 2009 National Jewish Book Award winner.

“An enchanting, beautiful book . . . The JPS Illustrated Children’s Bible is . . . sure to draw in young people while providing them with an accurate and dynamic understanding of the Bible. And Avi Katz’s illustrations just entice and pull in the reader again and again.”
— Rabbi Joseph Telushkin


Megillat Esther

Megillat Esther

by J. T. Waldman


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A wild and wooly, highly detailed, graphic (cartoon) version of the Megillah.  Esther, by the way, “looks Jewish” which is a very nice touch.

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"Waldman's Megillat Esther is a visual masterpiece ... The richly detailed pages are dazzling ... this is just the sort of independent, intelligent, nonapologetic work that JPS and entities like it should be promoting."
— The Forward

JPS Haggadah Commentary

JPS Haggadah Commentary

by Joseph Tabory

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An excellent seder historical resource.
This is a great book for anyone who wants to learn where the seder comes from — what it looked like 2000 years ago, and how it has evolved since. It’s a book to read BEFORE the seder, not AT the seder. The author, Rabbi Joseph Tabory, is a professor at Bar Ilan University. Also includes complete text of the haggadah with clear English translation.

Etz Hayim

Etz Hayim:
Torah & Commentary

a publication of the Conservative movement, produced through a joint venture of The Rabbinical Assembly, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and The Jewish Publication Society.

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For many decades, Conservative synagogues muddled through with the old Hertz Humash, written by the chief rabbi of Britain in 1936. But now, finally, comes Etz Hayim — a full humash with haftarot and a lot more — and it’s worth the wait.

One major innovation: separate p’shat and d’rash commentary sections on each page, showing two approaches to interpreting the Torah:

  • The p’shat commentary, adapted from the JPS Torah Commentary and edited by Chaim Potok, seeks to explain the basic meaning of the text.
  • The d’rash commentary, edited by Harold Kushner, selects insights from over 2000 years of Torah study, including passages from the Talmud and Midrash, the teachings of the Sages, comments by Rashi, homiletic and psychological insights by Hasidic teachers, and reading by contemporary rabbis and scholars, including women’s voices.

Another major feature, often overlooked, is a set of essays at the back — over 250 pages — on everything from Biblical Archaeology to Matriarchs and Patriarchs, Sacrifices, Midrash, and Methods of Bible Study. All are well done, and many are excellent.