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Who Stole Hanukkah?
$19.95, 10 or more $9.95 PC/Mac Order code: Jhan ORDER

It's up to you to solve
the interactive mystery

When Professor Croak's prize collector's item — the Maccabees' miraculous jar of oil — is suddenly missing, you must team up with Nerli the Detective to identify which zany animated character did it. How will you find out? • PIay dreidel with Crystal the Fortune Teller • Cook latkes with Latke Troll • Light candles with Mademoiselle Menorah • Play Hanukkah Hangman with Bomba the Elephant • Sing Hanukkah songs with Ora Star and the Candle Sisters • Travel back to the Hanukkah story with Groucho Cat . . . and more.

Along the way you'll learn about customs, history and sources of Hanukkah. And each time you play, a different one of the eight suspects is the culpritl
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The Interactive Haggadah
$19.95, 10 or more $9.95 PC only Order code: Jhag ORDER
Your adventure begins
at the Seder table

Click and you'll • travel back to Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea • bake your own matzah and make your own wine • prepare an animated Seder plate • play the Passover jukebox and learn a karaoke Ma Nishtana • piece together Passover puzzles • search for the disappearing Afikoman • witness the Ten Plagues • meet Elijah the prophet . . . and more.

You can alse read and hear the entire Haggadah (with commentaries) and prepare for your Seder with our Family Guide.
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Purim Rock!
$19.95, 10 or more $9.95 PC/Mac Order code: Jpur ORDER
AUDIO ONLY version $9.95, 10 or more $4.95 ORDER
Purim has never
sounded like this before!

Go wild with a new fully-animated interactive rock opera based on Megillat Esther (running time 25 minutes; words and music by Danny Paller; Hebrew translation by Ehud Manor; aired on Israeli television). Just watch, or get the interactive "inside story" with Scoop the Spider. You can also play • Ahasuerus' Queen Contest • Esther's Mask-erade • Mordechai's Round-the-Square Puzzle • Haman's Hangman Game . . . and more.

In the Megillah section, you have a choice of translations and chants (and even a "Boo!" menu) and clickable commentaries. And of course, there's a Family Guide to learn all about the holiday of Purim.!     TOP


recommended for bar/bat mitzvah age

$19.95, 10 or more $9.95 PC/Mac Order code: Jwis ORDER

Becoming bar/bat mitzvah
has never been so much fun!

Get hooked on the new interactive Jewish trivia game, where two players compete for rare Jewish objects (Maimonides' turban, Golda's high heels, etc.) by answering questions from such far-ranging multimedia categories as: • At the Movies • Sounds Like • Eye Openers • You Are There • Zoom! • Pass the Milk, Honey • Personals • Let Me Check My Calendar . . . and more.

Players buy questions with chips (the harder the question, the fewer chips), and the goal is to collect all the objects before your chips run out. Nearly 800 questions in all, with pictures, music, films, draggables, and follow-up explanations. Lots of surprises, lots of learning, and a companion Do-It-Yourself website! The perfect bar/bat mitzvah gift — great for Hanukkah too!!     TOP