Jewish Zodiac Placemat

Jewish Zodiac Placemat

by Seth Front
11x17 laminated


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Common saying: “What am I, chopped liver?” Well, Jewish astrological experts now say there’s a 1-in-12 chance that you are!

This year’s favorite novelty: the Jewish Zodiac Placemat is a knockoff of the placemat you see in most Chinese restaurants — you know, the Year of the Ox, Year of the Dragon, Year of the Republican, etc. Find what kind of animal you are, and who you’re compatible with, marry them, and live happily ever after.

Well, we Jews don’t so much do animals as we do food. So here we have the Year of the Latke, the Year of the Bagel, the Blintz, even Pastrami, Pickle, and Chicken Soup. So you might not be chopped liver. But you’d best still watch out for compatibility issues. If you are a Pastrami, maybe you shouldn’t get too romantic with a blintz.


Babushkin's Catalog of Jewish Inventions

Babushkin's Catalogue of Jewish Inventions

by Lawrence Bush and Richard Codor
5.5x8.5 soft cover


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Genetically-bred gefilte fish! Wi-fi tzitzit! Extra-large grandparents! Cheap psychoanalysis! No matter if you’re observant, non-observant, or downright obtuse, we’ve got everything you’ve ever wanted for the modern Jewish lifestyle in Babushkin’s Catalogue of Jewish Inventions.


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