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  A Different Light:
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  Book of Celebration

  A Different Light:
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Cover: A Different Light: The Hanukkah Book of Celebration

Hanukkah Art

A Different Light: The
Hanukkah Book of Celebration

Hardcover, color, 8.5x11, 264 pages.

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The Big Book of Hanukkah

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"a groundbreaking new volume that every Jewish home should have.

Taking Hanukkah beyond its conventional celebration as a perfunctory lighting of candles and an excuse for exchanging gifts, it gives families stimulating resources and a host of ideas for thinking about the values of the holiday.
In addition, the book is fun for all ages
and a delight to use."

— Barry W. Holtz, Associate Professor of Jewish Education
Jewish Theological Seminary of America

This book proposes a set of readings and activities, different for each night, for the home celebration of Hanukkah. The whole thing is designed to take about half an hour — about as long as the candles burn. Your Hanukkah will never be the same.
Traditional Brachot and songs — Hebrew, English, transliterations, and commentary
The Maccabees' Megillah — an 8-part retelling of the Hanukkah stories
Profiles in Modern Jewish Courage — from Natan Sharansky, to Bella Abzug, from Golda Meir to Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev
A Spiritual Guide to Hanukkah
Family Fun — 70 pages of games, activities, cartoons, gift and gelt ideas, plus recipes, customs, and the "December Dilemma"
The Art of Hanukkah — 8 page full color section, plus over 200 drawings, paintings, and photos on Hanukkah themes
Hanukkah Today — Contemporary thinkers reflect on the relevance of Hanukkah in our times

For Hanukkah: A Different Light
The Hanukkah Celebration | The Big Book of Hanukkah
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