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A Woman's Voice

A Haggadah for the Four Children in us . . .

The Wise Child in Us
that seeks depth and multiple answers
The traditional text with innovative commentary
What we do and why we do it
Reflections on slavery and freedom

Szyk's Yeshiva Bocher   Groucho by Codor    
     The Rebellious Spirit inUs
that demands personal relevance
from the traditional text

Provocative questions and debates
Contemporary stories of liberation
Spiritual reflections and personal memories
Szyk's Hitler   Zeppo by Codor    

     The Simple Curiosity in Us
that listens and looks in wonder

The Exodus story retold dramatically
Twenty artistic portrayals of the four children
New translation, transliteration, simple directions
Szyk's Alfred E. Neuman   Chico by Codor    
     The Non-Verbal in Us
that does not know how to ask
but wants to experience

Games, songs, and cartoons
Role playing, dress up, and recipes
The Exodus retold in pictures
Szyk's Halutz   Harpo by Codor    

Art of the Four Children
 1526-1923 1924-1959 1960-1982 1985-present

A Different Night has 20 sets of "Four Children" ranging from the 16th to 20th centuries. Above left is from a 1939 Haggadah by Arthur Szyk, a Polish secular Jew who later came to the U.S.A. The second column is Dick Codor's "Groucho Marxist" Four Children from 1981. The third column is from a Prague haggadah of 1526. The last is Otto Geismar's 1927 rendition. Geismar's stick figures are also on the cover of A Different Night.

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