18x24, full color, laminated
single copy $24.95

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For too long, Sukkah walls have been devoid of Jewish Heroines. The seven Ushpizin (all men) have been very common themes of sukkah decorations, and the custom of hanging pictures of prominant Rabbis is also popular in certain circles. While there is an Ushpizot poster available for sale, and other similar works of art created over the years, we are aware of no other “women Rebbes” poster available for purchase.

A group of young women artists met to discuss potential muses for the project, and were each paired up with a scholar to learn more about, connect with and ultimately depict. The finished works are stunning, and we are proud to be able to bring all six works together on a single unifying poster. The poster is made tough to withstand many years of rainy weather in your sukkah, while also highlighting the stunning imagery of the portraits.

A project of JOFA — Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance
Artists: Michelle Bentsman, Coretta Garlow, Devorah Leah Levine, Elke Reva Sudin, Abigail Teller, Sarah Zell Young   Graphic Design: Rachel Fried




27x32, full color, laminated
single copy $10.00

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Back in print by popular demand: a great poster celebrating seven women visitors to your sukkah, to go along with the traditional seven men. Original poster ca. 2005, now owned by the original artist, Ellen Alt. Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Hannah, Esther, Huldah, Avigail. Comes with cribsheet.  


Vashti-Esther flag

Vashti-Esther Flag

10x13, with wooden stick and small bells attached — from Ma'yan, the feminist project of The JCC in Manhattan


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On Purim, celebrate two heroines
with flags and gentle bells.
This beautiful and colorful new flag honors the voices and brave deeds of Esther and Vashti, the courageous women in the Purim story. Waved in synagogue when Esther's and Vashti's names are read in the Megillah (Book of Esther), the flag's joyous sound rings out as a counterpoint to the jeering groggers (noisemakers) that are heard when the evil Haman's name is mentioned.

NOTE: These are small, tinkly bells — they will NOT drown out the text, unlike the greggors that are used to drown out he-who-must-not-be-named!

Lchu Mini

L’chu N’ran’nah —
Let Us Sing!

Blessings before and after the Meal, Z’mirot and songs for Shabbat, festivals, and other occasions — an egalitarian traditional bencher with an alternative edge . . .

Edited by Barry Dov Walfish, Mark Frydenberg, and Aviva Richman
7.5x5.5, 160 pages


L'chu N'ran'nah is true to traditional Hebrew texts but ready to adjust language when necessary to address the diversity of contemporary Jewish life in matters of gender and belief. The book is fully egalitarian, with a gender-neutral translation and equal ritual status for men and women. It is rich in explanations, insightful commentary, and inclusive liturgical alternatives for celebration, thanks, and prayer. Endorsed by Judith Plaskow, Arthur Green, and many others.

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