the Exodus
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Reliving the Exodus
Reliving the Exodus is a workbook/funbook/activity book designed for 3rd-6th graders who are studying Pesach for a few weeks each year. It works in both day school and afternoon settings, and can also be used by parents.
     It is a stand-alone book, and does not have to be used with A Different Night.

by Noam Zion
a workbook/
activity book

Softcover, B&W,
8.5x11, 96 pages.

$9.00; $5.00 each for 10 or more

Softcover, B&W,
8.5x11, 96 pages.

$9.00; $5.00 each for 10 or more

A Culture of Asking Questions . . .

  • delightful stories and cartoons
  • individual and group activities
  • hands-on experiments comparing matza and challah
  • drama and art projects
  • step-by-step introduction to each of the major haggadah texts
  • explore both Jewish moral values like hospitality and sensitivity to the stranger and basic human emotions like fear of the unknown and the joy of liberation



Poster: Aleph Bet Puzzle
18x24, full color
$8.95 each for 2 or more
Order code: POaleph

The funkiest Aleph-Bet poster you've ever seen! Each letter is formed by a picture; the clue is the initial sound of the English word, matched to the Hebrew letter's sound. Gimel is Girl, Tet is Telephone, SHin is SHip, Kof is Cough, and TZadi -- well, that's a hard one, which was solved with piZZa.

The poster was done by Susanna Spektor Yaari of San Diego, and is a delightful idea for a child's bedroom poster, or a Hebrew School classroom wall decoration.