A Different Night Classic edition

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A Different Night:
The Family Participation Haggadah — with new
Storytellers Supplement

by Noam Zion and David Dishon
9.5x8.75, now 204 pages, 12 pages color

Maggid 1 Maggid 2 Four Children Maggid 3

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This is the original — the haggadah that slew the Maxwell House. First published in 1997, this book has now sold almost 150,000 copies. It is a "customizable" haggadah — it enables you to fashion a seder that works for any age and interest level.

The layout makes it easy to use: each spread has traditional brachot (with translation and transliteration) on the right; the left-hand page has commentaries, stories, and all sorts of discussion-starters.

This is not your “Uncle Fred, now it’s your turn to read a paragraph” kind of book. It’s also not a “read every page” book. You start with the “bare bones basic” seder, then add what you want from each section. The free Seder Planner that ships with each purchase will help you to do that.


  • the new Storytellers Supplement — 33 pages, starting at the back of the book, all in English — favorite stories from Noam Zion, compiled in 20 years of teaching about how to make lively seders
  • the complete traditional text with a new contemporary translation (gender inclusive) and transliterations
  • clear directions, historic explanations, Hassidic stories, and folk customs
  • 12 pages of full-color art (Rembrandt, Chagall, Ben Shahn)
  • children's activities — find the hidden matza (like Waldo), cartoons, quizzes
  • stories, discussions, readings (I.B. Singer, David Ben-Gurion)
  • women heroines of the Exodus
  • Passover and freedom songs (with transliteration of Hebrew)
  • optional "bare bones seder" — one hour, (short but meaningful)
  • the 4 children (including the 4 daughters) through many artistic eyes — 20 portrayals from 500 years of haggadot
  • the 10 plagues — in pictures and pantomime
  • the 4 questions (in Ladino, Yiddish, and Russian) — as well as 4 answers
  • Next Year in Jerusalem (including Herzl's dreams and Israel's achievement)

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